Inspection Reports


In Tudor Hall's latest compliance inspection, 29th and 30th November 2017, you will be delighted to know that the school met all the ISSR standards and the boarding NMS. The full report can be found below.

In October 2013 Tudor Hall were graded excellent in all categories in the ISI Integrated Inspection.

Here is a summary of the main findings:

Tudor Hall is highly successful in meeting its principal aims, and its pupils’ achievements are excellent in all aspects of school life, including the academic. They make a high level of progress during their time in the school. They attain very good standards both at GCSE and A Level. The curriculum offers them a broad education, and a wide-ranging extra-curricular programme allows further opportunities for success. Teaching is excellent, a significant factor in the pupils’ achievements. There are excellent examples of the marking of pupils’ written work, but some inconsistency overall. Since the previous inspection, the school has embarked on a policy of encouraging pupils to be more independent in their learning in lessons and this is beginning to bear highly promising fruit. The school is reviewing its provision for the more able pupils to develop it further. In this regard, the use of the library’s stock of books is a potentially strong support.

A particular strength of the school is the individual care and attention given to pupils, resulting in girls who are articulate, confident and high achieving yet aware of the needs of others. The high quality pastoral care offers results in girls’ excellent personal development. This means the girls are happy to be in the school and proud of what it achieves. Their excellent boarding education enhances their experiences, both academically and pastorally. They are housed in mainly good accommodation, some of which is outstanding, and are happy to mix with their peers, both in lessons and socially. Girls are cared for extremely well, both by the teaching staff and others. They enjoy food of outstanding quality and excellent arrangements are made for their medical care.

These significant strengths are also the result of excellent governance and leadership and management at all levels. Practices and policies are fully embedded in the life of the school, particularly those relating to child protection and health and safety. Parents’ views of the school are overwhelmingly positive. Good planning and the atmosphere created by senior managers means that the school is in a good position to move forward. It has made good progress since the previous inspection, for example improving the accommodation, curriculum and teaching.

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