Admissions Process



Girls join the school at 11+, 13+ or 16+. We will also consider girls for entry at 12+ and 14+ if places are available. Registration can be submitted at any stage but should be at least two years prior to the point of entry. Although early registration does not necessarily confer any advantage with regard to the final allocation of places, it may be taken into account. (Please see the Admissions Policy below). A registration form can be downloaded at the bottom of the page or requested from the Admissions Office on or 01295 756259. There is a registration fee of £100.



Taster Days

Girls registered for the 11+ intake may be invited to a ‘Taster Day’ during the summer term of Year 5. This involves coming to the school for a full day, for prospective day pupils, or a day and a night for prospective boarders. Girls find out what Tudor Hall is like and have great fun meeting girls from Year 7, going to lessons and sleeping in a boarding house. Unfortunately places are limited and have to be given on a first-come first-served basis.

Taster Day for 11+2021 intake

Girls registered for the 13+ intake may be invited to a Taster Day early in the spring term of Year 7. This does not involve an overnight stay but is held on a Saturday to allow parents to come too and to have lunch with parents of the Year 7 girls who are already at the school. 


16+ assessments for 2021 will take place in November 2020. Candidates should be registered as soon as possible.



11+ assessment takes place during the Autumn Term of Year 6, one year prior to entry. 

13+ assessment takes place in the Spring Term of Year 7, 18 months prior to entry. 

16+ assessment takes place in the Autumn Term of Year 11, one year prior to entry. 

An Application for Entry Form will be sent to all girls who are registered, inviting them to attend an assessment day. Forms should be returned with an administration fee of £200. On receipt of the completed form a reference will be requested from the candidate's current school.

Assessment days for 11+ and 13+ entry feature a programme of tests involving verbal reasoning, mathematics and English and an interview with the Headmistress.

Applicants for Sixth Form will sit a general paper as well as some subject-specific papers (eg mathematics and sciences). They will have interviews with Heads of Departments of proposed A Level subjects and the Head of Sixth Form.

The purpose of assessment days is to allow the school to assess the suitability of candidates for the school. Parents will be given feedback and places offered to those for whom Tudor Hall is viewed as the right school. All offers should be secured by a deposit of £750. Places offered at 11+ will be unconditional. At 13+ they will be conditional on the required standard being achieved at Common Entrance. At 16+ places offered after assessment are conditional upon GCSE results which should be a minimum of 7 GCSEs Grade 6 and above and at least Grade 7 in chosen A Level subjects.

Assessment for 2020

Assessments for 2020 for all entry points will take place by arrangement, subject to places still being available. Please contact the Admissions Office straight away, or 01295 756259.

Assessment for 2021

11+ assessments for 2021 will take place in October 2020. Candidates should be registered as soon as possible.

13+ entry in 2021: Offers have been made, but there are still some places available. Interest should be registered straight away and the admissions team will contact you to arrange a virtual meeting with the Headmistress followed by a remote assessment and interview. Please complete the Register your Interest form or contact the Admissions Office, or 01295 756259.

16+ assessments for 2021 will take place in November 2020. 

New Girls' Day 

This year New Girls' Day will be a virtual event. There will be a presentation from Miss Griffiths and other senior members of staff and you will be introduced to your daughter's tutor and housemistress.

Please contact the Admissions Department if you have any questions about the admissions procedure.

Directions to the school and the relevant telephone numbers are available on the contact page.