Scholarships and Bursaries


Current pupils and girls interested in joining the school are invited to apply for an academic scholarship and/or scholarships in visual arts, drama, music and sport and, at 16+ only, dance.

Further information can be found in our Scholarships brochure or by contacting Philippa Drinkwater, Registrar, either by telephone on 01295 756259, or by email,

Parents of candidates interested in a scholarship award should use the application forms below.  

Submit an application for an 11+ scholarship here.

11+ 2021 Drama monologues for applicants can be found here.

13+ 2021 Scholarship Entries deadline has now closed.

16+ Scholarship Entries deadline has now closed.

All bursaries are means-tested and separate to scholarships. Application forms can be requested by contacting Neil Urquhart, Bursar on,




Bursaries are awarded to new and current parents who are in financial need. Bursaries are assessed on: 

  • The financial position of the applicant and, where relevant, how it arose.
  • The contribution that the girl will or does make to the school.
  • The period for which funding might be required.
  • Issues arising such as whether the girl would benefit from a boarding education because of home circumstances.
  • Availability of funds. 

Parents wishing to make an application should contact the Bursar, Neil Urquhart, on