Dance is a popular activity for many of our girls, we are lucky to have a number of dance specialists who deliver a variety of different styles of dance to cater for all of the girls interests.

Dance clubs run every lunch and tea, the girls can drop in for choreography help with solos and duos and also attend a variety of year group clubs. All of the girls who attend clubs will have the opportunity to perform in an Arts Showcase twice a year. 


Classes follow the RAD syllabus as well as non-syllabus material. Sessions are inspiring, exciting and challenging, and all groups learn choreography to be performed at school events. Pointe work is also offered to students who are considered physically ready. Groups are mostly organised according to year groups but also in relation to students' ability. These classes are not suitable for absolute beginners and pupils must therefore have some knowledge of the basic ballet movements.

Group Dance (by years)

Girls in Todd to IVs may attend the group dance sessions every week and any year may attend the weekly solo and small group dance. Movement and sequences are devised using various styles of dance: street, hip hop, contemporary, jazz and ballet. These group pieces are then performed in dance shows which take place at the end of the Autumn and Summer terms.

New York City Ballet

This is a weekly session run by the Dance Department for our keen Tudor dancers. The session starts with a gentle warm up followed by stretching and a floor barre which includes abdominal strengthening exercises leading into leg extension exercises, grand allegro and finishing with a cool down. The workout is both challenging and inspiring and continued practice will result in increased core strength, flexibility, stamina, concentration, balance and strengthened muscles without bulking. 


Entry to this group is by either invitation or audition. Girls from all years are accepted. Weekly sessions of choreography take place which result in two final pieces being created for end of term performances in the Autumn and Summer terms.


This is a ‘feeder’ group for Reaction Dance. Girls who have a passion for Dance and demonstrate commitment and the potential to progress to Reaction Dance, are invited to join. The girls work as a team and collaborate ideas and skills with the goal of producing original movement material. Weekly sessions of choreography take place resulting in two final pieces being created for the end of term performances at the end of the Autumn and Summer terms.