Ride the drama rollercoaster at Tudor Hall to experience opportunities aplenty for girls to develop their acting talents, gain confidence and, most importantly, have fun!   

Rarely a week goes by without a dramatic event taking place in our wonderful Studio, opened by OT and Academy Award Winner, Serena Armitage, in 2016. Whether it be rehearsals for the whole school musical or senior play, the junior production, LAMDA Showcase or student-directed dramas, there is something for everyone in the Tudor community. There is a genuine buzz around the Studio in which the girls are encouraged to play and be creative, to immerse themselves in new worlds and walk in other people’s shoes.   

Drama plays an important role in equipping the young women in our community to tackle the challenges of the wider world by developing confidence, resilience, empathy and teamwork. Our ‘there are no small actors’ mantra encourages the girls to consider the bigger picture and department staff are quick to ensure that girls understand casting decisions and the way a piece of theatre is put together. Drama at Tudor aims to be inclusive and, therefore, casts are often large. One production of Bugsy Malone involved so many girls (over one hundred) that it was a challenge fitting them all onto the stage!   

Whole school performance of Annie

Meet our Todd Drama girls

A-Level Drama

Audition Support and Coaching for Drama Schools

Coaching sessions are available to girls who wish to audition for drama school or pursue their passion for drama beyond Tudor. Staff are able to provide advice regarding suitable courses and aid girls in their choice of audition material. Girls meet regularly to rehearse and gain valuable interview practice.


These are informal drama presentations to an audience of girls, staff and parents. The aim of DramaBites is to provide girls with the opportunity to showcase the work they have been doing in drama lessons as well as works in progress and ideas that they might like to try out. Part of each DramaBites session is given over to improvisation games which often includes audience participation.

Junior Production

The Junior Production is performed in the Summer Term and comprises a cast of girls from Todd, IIs and IIIs. Recent productions have included 'Peter Pan' and 'The Golden Ticket', which is an adaptation of Dahl’s 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory', 'The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe' and an outdoor production of 'A Midsummer Night’s Dream'.

The Well-Made Players

The Well-Made Players comprises girls across all year groups who have demonstrated a particular talent in drama. Many of those involved are drama scholars. There is an audition process after each project to allow a continuous influx of new talent from Tudor. Girls enjoy drama workshops to further develop their skills in drama as well as visits to the theatre and opportunities for further performance.

National Youth Theatre

Sessions are available for any girl who wishes to audition for the National Youth Theatre. Half hour weekly sessions can be arranged via the staff in the drama department.

School Musical

A biennial event that is open to all year groups. The musical exhibits performing arts at their best, combining drama with music and dance. Boys from local schools have often joined the girls at Tudor as part of the cast. Recent musicals have included: ‘Cabaret’ and ‘Grease’.

Senior School Play

This is also a biennial event that is open to girls in the IVs, Vs and Sixth Form. The senior school play is performed in the Autumn Term and often involves boys from local schools. Recent productions have included: ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and ‘Blue Stockings’.

Senior Drama Society

The Senior Drama Society comprises a series of ad hoc events for girls in the IVs to Sixth Form who have displayed considerable flair in drama. Many of the girls involved are drama scholars, though any girl with a passion for the theatre is strongly encouraged to come along. Girls have the opportunity to participate in workshops, often run by industry professionals, enjoy visits to the theatre, and direct their peers and other students in the school.

Shakespeare Schools’ Festival

Tudor girls regularly participate in this excellent festival which gives girls the opportunity to work alongside other schools, take part in a workshop with staff from the Central School of Speech and Drama, and perform at a professional theatre.

*Speech and Drama

Girls have the opportunity to take the LAMDA examinations in solo, duologue or group acting as well as mime and verse and prose. Girls are also able to take examinations is public speaking, which is an essential skill when preparing for interviews. All examinations are optional and many pupils prefer to take a group examination when first starting lessons. Groups typically involve between two and six girls.

The classes give the girls confidence when speaking or performing in front of an audience as well as the enjoyment of learning how to work as part of a team. Classes provide excellent preparation for GCSE Drama and A Level Theatre Studies and Drama.

Todd Drama Club

Todd Drama Club runs throughout the year and is aimed at developing the confidence of those new to the school. Those involved are responsible for suggesting and rehearsing their own material and then work towards a performance.

The club is often run by a member of the Sixth Form or drama scholars.

Tudor Techies

This is a branch of the Well-Made Players but focuses on technical and design areas in the theatre. The group work towards technical support for the department’s production sand other school events. The group is student-led.