Soft Skills


The Co-Curriculum at Tudor is specially designed to help the girls develop ‘soft’ skills, these are sometimes referred to as ‘personal skills’. It is these skills which will help the girls thrive and flourish in the modern day world in which they live.  

Each different club targets the develop of different soft skills, and it is important that the girls know which ones they need to develop and refine.  

This process of self-reflection is a skill in itself and we encourage the girls from Todd to U6th to become reflective learners, who are aware of their own strengths and weaknesses and can set themselves achievable goals for the future.  

To help us with this we have teamed up with a company called BOOST. BOOST come into school at the start of the IIIs, IVs and Lower 6th to deliver seminars and workshops to the girls about how to recognise and develop their soft skills. The girls spend the whole day learning about these skills; how to recognise them, reflect on them, and seek ways in which they can improve them through co-curricular activities.  You will see on SOCS that each activity has learning objectives in the description, the girls are encouraged to engage with these and to try and pick activities that will push them outside their comfort zone and develop the skills that they may be finding hard to master.  

The girls will keep a record of all of their achievements in the co-curricular using Unifrog, this programme allows the girls to build up their personal portfolio all the way through the school, so that the UCAS application process is robust and represents them in the very best light.