Habeo ut Dem


Our local community outreach programme incorporates a variety of events for local prep and primary schools, inviting them to Tudor for a day to take part in science, maths, drama’s Play in a Day, geography, music, history, MFL and sporting events. This ensures the wider community benefits from our facilities and expertise. 

For example, to mark British Science Week, the Science department hosted 70 pupils and staff from four local primary and prep schools, organising a plethora of activities. The children participated in ‘hands on’ encounters with animals such as snakes, lizards, tarantulas and chinchillas, learning about the unique features each animal group needs to survive. An activity focusing on the composition of gases in the air included learning about the properties of each gas and incorporated various loud experiments.  A Marble Maze activity encouraged students to work together to solve a speed-based problem. The Explorer Dome gave a light show investigating light and colour, with an enlightening display of experiments carried out in a dark dome. Other laboratory based activities included making a rainbow in a test tube using acid, alkali and an indicator, and creating an erupting volcano.

Tudor’s links with the world beyond the school gates is both diverse and far reaching. The Tudorians’ Association maintains associations with former pupils via an extensive calendar of events and printed material. Old Tudorians return to speak at careers and gap fairs, offer work experience and mentoring opportunities and are kept abreast of the latest news via Rose (the Association’s annual magazine), Facebook, Twitter and regular email correspondence. There are regular industry networking dinners, socials in London and drinks receptions in university cities enabling the whole Tudor community to unite.  

Further afield, Tudor in Three Continents supports charities across the continents of Asia, Africa and Europe – notably the Sparrow Foundation in Johannesburg in South Africa, Feeding Dreams Cambodia, in Siem Reap, Cambodia, the HEAL Paradise School, Vijayawada in India and The Lads and Girls Club in Bolton in Lancashire – offering the girls the chance to make a difference and demonstrate their resilience within communities, countries and continents from their trodden path. The chance to engage in such amazing opportunities is much sought after, with members of the LVI applying for a place on the trips to offer their support to the charities.

The aim of the Warrior Programme, held annually in South Africa, is to build further resilience within the girls, encouraging them to take part in testing physical and mental challenges over an intense 10 day period of time.

The Charity Committee is a group of volunteers from LVI who meet regularly to come up with inventive ways of raising money for the main school charity. They are organised by the Deputy Head Girl in charge of charity and the Inglis Housemistress. The committee also arranges one-off events for charities which are close to their hearts, for example a bake sale and hockey match in aid of Breast Cancer Research UK, a Charity Ball, or mufti days. Each January a new Deputy Head Girl is appointed and the Charity Committee will present three new charities to the whole school who will then choose the next main charity of the year. 

With the vast array of local community and charitable enterprises going on at Tudor, the school’s moto Habeo ut Dem – meaning I have that I may give – is well ingrained in the girls by the time they leave school.  

Tudor Hall charity work and campaigns we are supporting

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is leading the way the world treats and defeats childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

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The Tudor Charity Committee at their first bake sale in aid of Breast Cancer research UK