Leaving a Legacy


We understand that not everyone has the ability to make donations during their lifetime and a bequest may be an easier or more appropriate opportunity to make a significant contribution. As Tudor Hall is a registered charity (charity number 1042783), leaving a legacy in your Will is tax-efficient; all legacies to charities are excluded from your Estate for both Inheritance and Capital Gains Tax. 

All those who advise us of their intention to leave a gift to Tudor in their Will are invited to join The Inglis Society. This is our opportunity to thank you for your gift, recognise your support and acknowledge the significance of philanthropy to the school. Members of The Inglis Society are invited to an annual event at Tudor and regularly kept up to date with the School's development plans.

Legacy Pledge Form
Tax Benefits
Codicil Form

Leaving a gift to the school in your Will is easy to do and could take the form of one of the following:

A Residuary Gift - The whole or part of the value of your estate, after debts, other gifts and liabilities have been met.

A Pecuniary or Specific Gift - Either a specific sum of money, or a specific item of value such as a property, piece of art, item of jewellery, stocks and shares, or other asset.

A Reversionary Gift - Your estate can provide an income to your beneficiaries during their lifetimes, and upon their deaths, pass to Tudor Hall.

A Conditional Gift - If your beneficiaries predecease you, Tudor Hall can be named as the recipient of your Estate.

We strongly recommend that you seek independent professional legal advice when creating or updating your Will. If you have already made your Will, it is a simple process to make a gift to Tudor Hall by adding a Codicil.

If you decide to include a legacy to Tudor Hall in your Will, we would be grateful to be notified of your intention. This is in no way contractual, but will assist us in our future financial planning. To notify us of your intention, please complete and return the Legacy Pledge Form.