Our Bursary Programme


In line with the school’s motto, Habeo ut dem, Tudor Hall is committed to broadening access to the education we provide. We believe that a great education is transformative and that by investing in the girls, we are, in a much broader sense, investing in the future.

We aim to be inclusive of pupils whose parents or guardians are on low incomes and unable to pay fees. The School is committed to awarding a number of means-tested bursaries and other concessions each year ranging from 10% - 100% of annual fees together with additional support for essential extras for those receiving 100% bursaries. We are proud that over 55 Tudor girls are currently supported with bursaries and we continually work on increasing our Bursary Fund.

If you share our vision and wish to help secure bursary provision for future years, please consider making a gift to our Bursary Fund. To make a donation, please click on the 'Donate Now' button (top right) or complete and return our Gift Form.

Learn more about scholarships and bursaries.