Boarding Pupil Profile


Tudor Hall Vs pupil, Kinara, tells us why she enjoys being a Boarder. 

What are the benefits of being a Boarder at Tudor Hall?  

Tudor Hall isn't a school that does anything by half measures and boarding is just the same. I started boarding at Tudor from the moment I arrived. I have never felt anything but welcome in the boarding house and all the Housemistresses and staff have made me feel like Tudor is a second home.  

Friendship is key for a healthy school life and Tudor makes it impossible for you not to create strong relationships with every member of the House. Being a border is all about friends for me because we get to spend time with each other during lessons, working, but also get time to hang out as friends and have time to relax and have fun together.  

Why did you choose Tudor Hall?  

I chose Tudor Hall because of the atmosphere, from the open mornings to the tours, I always felt that it was a safe place that I could work well in and create lifelong friendships.  

The school always stood out as it made me feel like I already belonged even when I hadn't officially joined.   

What trips and co-curricular events have you been part of?  

I have been part of lots of different school events and Co-Curricular activities from DofE to House Netball. Tudor has a wide variety of team sports that you can play which all have extra practices throughout the weeks and matches that you can be a part of.  

Personally, I have played for Tudor's Hockey, Netball and Rounders teams and thoroughly enjoy playing with my friends.  

I have also completed bronze and silver DofE which was difficult at the time, but now I look back, it was so much fun, and I have so many good memories from it.  

I have also completed a bronze Drama award in IIIs and a bronze Idea award in IVs. I also love Music and am lucky to have been taken to see the shows Wicked and War Horse with school. 

I am also part of one of the school's Choirs and have singing lessons weekly. There are so many Co-Curricular activities and trips that I have had the opportunity to take part in and so many more being offered all the time.  

What makes Tudor special to you?  

Tudor is special as it's not just a place that you go to school. 

The school has been a home to me for three years and I have made some incredible friendships and memories.  

The school community really cares about its students and it really shows, whether that’s with some extra support with Mathematics prep or your Housemistress checking up on you to make sure you are all right. It is such a lovely community to be a part of.  

What makes Tudor so special to me is that when I look back at my school experience, I will look back with fondness, as I have really enjoyed all the things I have accomplished.  

I can't think of a better school with a stronger support system to help me through my GCSE years and I can't wait for what opportunities the next two years will present for me.