The IIIs (13+)


The IIIs boarding house is a fun and lively place to be and is the home of Year 9 at Tudor Hall. Many girls join Tudor Hall in the IIIs. Those who join us are allocated a keeper who is in the same year group and already at the school; new girls will share the same dormitory as their keepers in the first term to help them settle more quickly into school life.

Every September the IIIs go an on outdoor activity weekend in Somerset, with activities taking place on site and in neighbouring Devon. We stay in the picturesque Quantock Lodge where they are the sole occupants with access to all of the grounds. The aim of the weekend is to allow all the girls to take part in a range of exciting and challenging activities and to give the new girls the opportunity to make friends.

The pastoral care of the boarders in the IIIs is the responsibility of the Housemistress and her Deputy Housemistress. They work very closely with a team of Group Tutors to ensure that every girl in the year, both day and boarding, is offered the best possible care. The IIIs' environment strives to develop and deliver a homely feel and support to each and every girl within the house in all facets of their lives including both academic and extracurricular capacities. 

The IIIs' house is one that encourages personal growth and awareness of self and others during a pivotal period in the girl’s lives. Our aim as House Staff is to be as inclusive as possible and to value every member of the house as an individual, working together as a boarding community. We encourage all members of the IIIs to discover and develop their individual talents, both academic and extra-curricular. Saturday afternoons are used for sport and there is a programme of activities put on for those not involved. On Sundays we arrange outings or in-house events, to which the day girls are always invited and encouraged to participate. Recent events have included sailing in Oxford, an Art & Photography outing to London, a trip to WaterWorld and social events with local boys’ schools.

What do the girls think?

I like the IIIs because of the chilled environment and how everyone is so nice to each other. I like how nice and big the common room is. I also like the independence of having a kitchen and being able to make toast or popcorn. I really like the house staff and how they are always open to talk to.  Laura

In the IIIs house you are treated like family and everyone is so caring when you are upset or need someone to talk to. I also like the weekends out because you are entertained and you are with all your friends having a good time. I also like the the freedom we get because we get to call our parents and relax when it gets time for bed.  Laura

Lucinda Burton-Sims IIIs Housemistress

I am looking forward to being the IIIs Housemistress this year. I joined Tudor Hall in September 2016 as Deputy Housemistress for the IIs and I have worked in Education for 5 years in academic and pastoral roles. As well as working in the house I teach Religious Studies, PSHE and work in the Learning Support Department. I studied Theology and Religious Studies at Leeds University before moving on to Birmingham University to complete my PGDipEd.

I live on site with my husband Dan who is an engineer and two white cats, Neville and Pippin. I enjoy travelling and going to the cinema in my free time. I love working in boarding as there is a never dull moment! The girls are always making me laugh and we get up to all kinds of fun activities in the evenings and on the weekends. Supporting the girls emotionally as well as academically is of the utmost importance to me as is ensuring that they have the best boarding experience possible. The IIIs house is a wonderful place to be and feels like a true family.