The IIs (12+)


The IIs sees the girls joining the hustle and bustle of the main school from the beautiful security of Todd House. The house aims to give the girls the home away from home that they are looking for when at school. We strive to develop the girls' interpersonal skills, as well as their communication skills with adults and peers.

This year is all about gaining and keeping a good outline in their academic lives as well as in their boarding and home lives. We teach the girls to be more organised and forward thinking. We encourage personal growth and awareness of the actions of those around them and themselves.

The IIs are led by the Housemistress and Deputy Housemistress who work closely with the girls and the Tutor Team to help the girls discover who they are and what Tudor Hall can do to help them reach their ambitious life goals.

Trips in the IIs include trampolining, laser quest, canoeing, as well as cinema and theatre trips. In the IIs girls have various socials with Summer Fields, Cothill and Winchester House. These activities vary from reeling to mini golf or a disco. In September we have our start of term trip to South Wales where the girls are able to try canoeing, climbing, caving and gorge walking. In the summer term we also have a chance to test our wilderness skills during a survival weekend at Cornbury Park.

Every girl is treated as an individual and encouraged to become her own person and avoid the status quo.

Read what the girls really think!

The IIs house is really fun! We can always do something.  Shirley

I like being in the IIs house because it always feels happy.  Lotty

I love being in the IIs because there is always something to do and I am always with my friends.  Mimi

Sarah Neale IIs Housemistress

I have been at Tudor Hall for the past five years, four years as IIs Housemistress. Before coming to Tudor I worked in an international boarding house at an independent school in the north of England. I went to the University of Worcester, where I studied Drama and Theatre studies with Human Biology. At the same time, I travelled to London to study Classical Ballet and qualified as a dance teacher. I believe each experience and role I have undertaken has given me more knowledge and understanding in order to help you will many different issues that you may face at Tudor. I do not live alone in the IIs' house. I am joined by my husband, Mr Neal, and my son, Zac, as well as Socks the Cat and Speedy the tortoise.

I really enjoy helping the girls whether it is in the boarding house or with the many different aspects of school life, from how to revise for practical exams to what to wear for their first social. The IIs' house is a vibrant place to be and I look forward to seeing you all, ready for the many trips and experiences we have planned for you. 

Danielle Facey IIs Deputy Housemistress

I joined Tudor Hall as IIIs’ Deputy Housemistress and Teacher of English in 2018 before moving to the IIs as Deputy Housemistress in September 2020.