The IVs (14+)


The IVs’ house is one of the oldest buildings on site, dating back to 1619. It has just undergone a major refurbishment, transforming it and giving it a whole new lease of life.

Old House, to give it its formal name, is home to the IVs (Year 10) boarders, their Housemistress and Deputy Housemistress. Our aim as house staff is to be as inclusive as possible and to value every member of the house as an individual, working together as a boarding community. The academic tutors spend an evening in the house each week. This enables them to spend time chatting to the girls, to offer academic support and advice, or to talk through any problems and concerns individually.

We encourage all members of the IVs to discover and develop their individual talents, both academic and co-curricular. At weekends the girls have the opportunity to take part in a range of activities including trips to the cinema, Go Karting, meals out with their house staff and tutors, and social events with local boys’ schools.

Read some comments from the current girls below

The common room is lovely and modern and you get lots of new privileges like more phone time and a later bed time.  Sonali

The weekends are relaxing, we get to do a lot of different things but we have time to unwind. The house staff are laidback and create a nice atmosphere in the house.  Jenny

I really love the IVs house because I think it is nice because everyone gets on really well and I love our cleaners who make our beds and it is nicely decorated.  Hebe

Everyone is so close and in a stressful year of work it helps us to relax.  Sarah

The things I like about living in the IVs house are that the house staff our lovely and we have lots of privileges like going into town on the weekend.  Molly

Sarah Belcher IVs Housemistress

I have worked in boarding schools for the past seven years both here in the UK and internationally and have always enjoyed being a part of a boarding house. This is my second year as Housemistress of the IVs. I really enjoy living here with the girls, there is never a dull moment and most evenings give you an opportunity to have a really good laugh. In addition to working in the IVs, I teach Music and lead the Senior Choir. When I’m not teaching, I enjoy cooking, singing and playing sport. During the holidays I love to travel and hope to visit South America in the near future.


Scarlett Embury IVs Deputy Housemistress

I joined Tudor Hall in September 2020 as IVs Deputy Housemistress and Teacher of Mathematics.