Life as a Day girl


Tudor Hall Vs girl Lillianna took some time out of her busy class schedule to talk to us about being a Day pupil. Lillianna's mother, Tereza, also shared her own experience on choosing the right school for her daughter. 

What are the benefits of being a Day girl at Tudor Hall?  

Being a day girl since Todd, I have always felt part of the year group just as much as the boarders.  

During the week I arrive at school for registration and usually leave after prep finishes.   

However, as Tudor offers a variety of Co-Curricular activities, I would often stay on until after supper to take part.  

During school weekends, Tudor offers a wide range of activities and as a day girl I would choose to spend most of my weekends participating in these. The activities vary from Tudor Fest, Go Karting, Theatre trips and even going shopping.  

As a day girl I have always felt welcome in the boarding houses both during the week and weekends when I stayed behind to join the boarders in Baking, Crafting or watching a film.   

Day girls are equally included in House life as boarders are and we are always involved in House meetings and our opinions are taken onboard even if they don’t particularly involve us.   

For me the opportunity to go home every evening enables me to unwind from school and have a bit of time with my family. Although Tudor has long school days, once I get home there are no clubs to attend, no homework to do or instruments to practise.  

Personally, I have occasionally said that I would prefer to be a boarder but actually I really enjoy being a Day girl and the advantages it brings.  The most important one of course, being able to sleep in my own bed and not having to queue for the shower. 

Why did you and your parents choose Tudor Hall? 

Tereza (Mother) – When choosing a secondary school for Lillianna we chose the private sector at the point of her move.  We were looking for quality education, small class sizes, extra co-curriculum and other opportunities that a school could offer. Location was also important to us as our preference for Lillianna was to be a day girl so that she was returning home every day and we were able to maintain our close-knit family unit together.   

Tudor Hall with its excellent academic results and their balanced approach to learning during lessons and co-curriculum activities offered exactly that and much more.  Lillianna has benefitted from smaller teaching groups, the personal approach to lessons and excelled academically as well as in her personal development during her time at Tudor Hall.  

Lillianna – Since visiting Tudor for the first time I always felt very welcomed and part of the school before even attending. Going on the tours around the school and meeting girls from the year above me enabled me to see how inclusive everyone was and how the school would enable me to excel in my passions.  

What trips and co-curricular events have you been part of? 

I fell in love with Tudor all the way back at the residential weekend in Todd where I had the opportunity to get to know my year group and experience some amazing activities. Over the years I have signed up for every club possible to try out and seek what interested me and only had to drop some due to not having enough time in the day.  

Playing two musical instruments, the piano and violin, I was encouraged to join different music clubs such as orchestra, string group, theory lessons and many other events which have collectively enabled me to become a music scholar.  

Before joining Tudor, I had little confidence in performing and always had butterflies, however through performing at many concerts and taking part in various competitions I have overcome my stage fright.  

This has enabled me to join the OSSO (Oxfordshire Schools Symphony Orchestra) touring orchestra and winning the BYM (Banbury Young Musician) string section.  Now I can even perform a solo in front of the whole school.   

Sport is a big part of Tudor life and I was eager to get involved.  Despite never playing Hockey before within the first few weeks of joining school, I found myself standing on a Hockey pitch waiting for the whistle to blow to start the game.  I have played in Hockey matches nearly every weekend during the hockey season since and also enjoy playing Netball, Rounders, Lacrosse and during summer months Swimming at the school’s swimming pool.    

From the time I started my GCSE course I have also been attending a variety of clinics which have enabled me to deepen my understanding of my subjects and clarify any questions that I have had from lessons. In addition to the residential trips at the beginning of each year, Tudor offers a wide range of trips abroad. To date I have been on two Ski trips and a scientific trip to Iceland.  All of these were great opportunities to get to know girls in different year groups and to broaden my horizon in terms of skill and knowledge.   During the Autumn term I also completed my silver DofE.  

What makes Tudor special to you? 

Tudor is special to me because it feels like a second home. All the Teachers, House Mistresses and staff are always kind, supportive and happy to help.  

My year group friends have become part of my life and I would be lost without them.  I am always excited to return back to school after half terms and holidays. Although it has been hard to be at home, due to lockdowns, all Teachers and my friends have given me a great deal of support during distance learning.   

I have been able to talk to my friends every day as the school has offers drop -ins and Year Group meet-ups.   

Every morning during registration I look forward to speaking to my Tutor Group including my Tutor who are constantly making sure that we are coping with schoolwork and just checking that we are OK.  

The students at Tudor always come first.  The amazing staff are making sure that we have the best opportunity to learn and deliver to our best ability as well as enjoy our time at school.  Some people see school as just a compulsory commitment, but I really enjoy going to school and being part of the Tudor family and that is why Tudor is so special to me.  

So far, my school has enabled me to achieve academically, partake in musical competitions, represent the school in sports matches, make lots of great friends and have memories for life.  

Tudor seems to have this effect on all of their pupils and many Old Tudorians return to school to give talks about their careers and achievements to current girls, enabling us to plan for our futures.