Young Enterprise


Young Enterprise is run for the Lower Sixth and gives students the opportunity to take part in organising their own company. 

There are weekly evening meetings, where they have the assistance of a link teacher and business advisor. Small groups of students form themselves into companies and choose their own name. They elect to have different roles within their company, such as being the managing director, financial advisor or marketing director; these roles can be swapped at any time to give students a different slant within their company. Initially they must raise share capital by selling shares to fund buying stock in order to get started. They are free to sell a range of products or to provide a service in order to raise revenue. They have the opportunity to sell at the Christmas Fair and also attend trade fairs outside school time. Parents, teachers and other students are very supportive in this worthy cause. 

At the end of the spring term, companies are encouraged to attend the North Oxfordshire finals, where, if they win, they will go through to the whole of Oxfordshire presentations.

As with any company, they must do their end of year accounts and return any dividends to the share holders. It is a very worthwhile experience for any student, who wants to have an insight into running a company.