The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), completed in the Upper Sixth, represents the culmination of our academic work at Tudor Hall. This optional qualification, completed alongside A levels, is desired by universities, and demonstrates that our senior learners can plan, manage and critically review a project, or essay, of five thousand words.

Every girl researching an EPQ has a personal supervisor. The supervisor’s job is to ask the right questions to challenge the student to raise her game for herself. It is evident to us that students who follow the EPQ transfer the confidence and skills learned here to their wider studies.

Recent projects include: 

  • An evaluation of India’s polio eradication programme 
  • An enquiry into how far Henry VIII’s palaces were an expression of his power 
  • To what extent was the social structure of the Neanderthals the reason for their extinction? 
  • To what extent have artificial reefs proven successful as a method of coral reef conservation? 
  • How has music consumption changed between 1990 and 2014