Life after Tudor Hall


A major focus of each student’s time in Tudor Hall Sixth Form is empowering them to make the right choice about what they do after they leave Tudor Hall.

The vast majority of our students go to university or art school in the United Kingdom, although an increasing number are now considering studying overseas. Many will take a GAP year first, often incorporating a work placement into their travels. 

Tutors, subject teachers and the careers department are always happy to help and offer advice but it is important that time is taken to research universities and courses independently so that when the time comes to make the application, each student can make an informed decision. A programme of visiting speakers encourage our students to consider all the possibilities that are available, including how the application process works in the UK, the possibilities of studying abroad in Europe, Australia and the USA and the pathways available through the apprenticeship scheme. Each year, a selection of our recent leavers will take part in a University Fair which allows those currently applying to university or thinking of going on a GAP year to learn from their experiences. Following on from this, students in our Sixth Form are encouraged to make contact with Old Tudorians who are either studying their subject already at university or who are attending the university they are interested in so that first hand experiences can be shared.

Time is set aside so that each student can be introduced to the online UCAS form and they are encouraged to organise visits to the Open Days of universities they are interested in attending. They will also be given guidance on what a Personal Statement should look like through a workshop run by experts in the field and individual discussions with their tutor. All applications are sent to UCAS by half term of the Autumn term, with students often receiving offers very soon afterwards. Each student will have a practice interview to hone these skills, either in preparation for a university or job interview or a work experience placement.

At various points during the Sixth Form, students will have the chance to think about a GAP year. There is a GAP fair, which involves presentations from GAP companies about the opportunities they offer and talks from Old Tudorians, as well as a session devoted to planning and preparing for a GAP year, highlighting important information about safety whilst travelling.