Sixth Form Tutor Team


On entry to the Sixth Form you are allocated a tutor to meet the more specialised academic needs of Sixth Form study. Each tutor group is small to allow for a strong relationship to be established between tutor and tutee.

The group will consist of both UVI and LVI to enable UVI students to advise and share experiences with the LVI. The subjects studied by the girls in each tutor group will be similar and are matched, as far as possible, to the area of the tutor’s expertise.

To offer maximum support, tutors meet with their tutor groups on a regular basis. Tutees will also meet individually with their tutor, by appointment and on a more informal basis, to discuss personal progress and any concerns about work. At report times, tutors will discuss in detail each tutee's progress, achievements and aspirations, as well as making practical plans for the future.

In both the LVI and UVI, each student is offered specific advice and help with careers and further education. As part of their care for their tutees, tutors follow girls’ progress throughout their applications to university or art school, advising on appropriate courses and overseeing the writing of the personal statement.

An induction programme is organised for the LVI during the last week of term after GCSE examinations have finished. This gives an insight into life in the Sixth Form and helps the new group to start to bond. The programme includes a chance to meet subject teachers and students and provides an opportunity to develop leadership skills during a residential visit.