Clubs and Kit List


See below for more information about clubs on offer. The timetable for the term and the kit list can also be found below.

Summer Term Extra-Curricular Timetable

PE Kit List


The athletics extra-curricular club runs during the Summer term and is open to all year groups. This club provides the opportunity for girls to come, consolidate and improve their athletic ability. All events are practised to enhance skill levels, enjoyment and the chance to be successful in competitions. Sprinting fast, jumping high and throwing far are the aims for the pupils at the club.


This is a circuit-based class which takes place outside in all weather conditions using the beautiful grounds of the school. The work incorporates bodyweight moves, running and sprinting with the added exercises of lifting, throwing and carrying logs. The girls have been getting wet and muddy but also fit! This is open to anyone serious about their fitness. Tudor Bootcamp provides something for everyone and each of the exercises has adaptations to make them easier as well as progressions to make them harder for those who want to take their fitness up a level.


A fun, fast-paced exercise class involving all the elements of training like a boxer, just with none of the associated bruises and broken noses! Girls are put through their paces, learning the correct stance and footwork for boxing, along with the eight punches of boxercise. Sessions include ‘rounds’ of skipping, boxing combinations, shoulder tag sparring and circuit training to challenge the girls’ fitness.

Circuit Training

This is a circuit class incorporating bodyweight moves such as press ups, sit-ups, burpees and other moves using light weights such as bicep curls, shoulder press and boxercise stations. This fun, fast-paced class benefits anyone who wants to improve their strength and develop their fitness for sports and their busy life at school. Each of the exercises has adaptations to make them easier and progressions to make them harder for those who want to take their fitness up a level.

*Clay Pigeon Shooting

Shooting takes place at Honesberie Shooting School in Priors Marston under the watchful eye of their professional instructors. The club is predominantly aimed at girls in the IIs and upwards who already have shooting experience. However, we welcome novice shots too. We enter several competitions throughout the season, with girls representing the school in both individual and team categories. Girls are provided with all the equipment they require but are welcome to store their guns at the shooting school.

Cross Country (including Banbury Harriers)

The Cross Country Club is open to girls of all abilities and caters for those simply wanting to improve their fitness as well as those aiming to compete at a national level. Cross Country Club runs sessions twice a week and Tudor also has a strong affiliation with the Banbury Harriers Athletic Club. Those
wishing to run at a competitive level are able to train at the club on a Thursday evening with the middle distance group. There are numerous races and competitions that runners can compete in for Tudor. More recently, a number of girls have also taken the opportunity to run as members of Banbury Harriers Athletics Club at weekends.


Girls of all ages and abilities have the opportunity to ride at Tudor Hall.  We use Radway Riding Centre The stables have a team of fully qualified instructors on hand, whether you are a complete beginner or progressing. They have a great selection of horses and ponies suitable for everyone. Girls are grouped in lessons according to ability. In addition they also have livery facilities if you wish to keep your daughter’s pony/horse stabled close to school.

Tudor Hall’s Equestrian Team is going from strength to strength and there are a number of girls throughout the school who compete in National Schools Equestrian Association events in various disciplines from Dressage, Show Jumping, ODE and Eventers Challenge. If you would be interested in joining the team and taking part in NSEA events please email Sadie Lapper


Fencing is a great way to keep fit. Some people enjoy the competition and others enjoy treating lessons a little more like a dance class.  If you have struggled to find a sport you enjoy, then it is well worth giving fencing a go.

Fun Fitness

This is a gym based class utilising the fitness room at the Sports Hall. Using the weight machines, the girls learn how to work out their whole body in this fun class. The class also uses cardiovascular machines such as bikes, steppers and cross trainers to get those hearts and lungs pumping along with the music! The class culminates with the now famous ‘core-in-the-corridor’.


Come along and enjoy a fast-paced, highly skilful game of football. As the ball rebounds off the sports hall walls, it never goes out of play and the game continues for the full hour. In teams of five, with one-minute rolling substitutions, everyone gets a chance at stepping onto the court and making tackles, passing and shooting at the goal.

Hockey (including Banbury Hockey)

Hockey clubs run from Todd all the way through to the 1st XI. Each team has scheduled training sessions to work on technical play, team tactics and set pieces. There are also sessions open to all years to allow students to integrate and play with stronger players. All sessions are designed to improve fitness, individual technical ability and tactical awareness. Junior and senior girls can opt to join Banbury Hockey Club and are taken to weekly training sessions with the opportunity to play some weekend matches if school commitments allow.


The extra-curricular lacrosse clubs run from Todd to the 1st XII. The girls are encouraged to attend clubs for their year group as well as attend the clubs that are run for all, so that they better understand the fundamentals of the game, as well as improving their playing ability with the other years. We encourage the older girls to attend sessions with the younger years to assist in coaching and to share their love of the game.

Netball (including Banbury Blues)

Extra-curricular netball clubs are run for each year group. The girls practise for the county tournaments, school matches and develop their skills and play games. There is also a shooting clinic open to all year levels where the girls can get specific coaching for shooting techniques. We have a strong club link with Banbury Blues Netball Club and Tudor girls are invited to train with the club on Thursday evenings on site at Tudor. A number of girls play for the club at the weekend.

Open Gym

This provides an opportunity for the girls to use the gym under the supervision of a trained fitness professional. The girls are encouraged to build their own workouts and exercise programmes using the four movement patterns of squat, hinge, push and pull, and exercises to focus on core stability. Open gym is also about myth busting and building the girls’ confidence in a gym environment.


The Todds to UVI have the opportunity to join the Tudor Hall Polo Team and learn to play polo. The one-hour sessions are taught by qualified instructors at Kirtlington from April to November and the Oxford Polo School during the Winter months. The staff at the club will ensure that each girl has a thorough induction and give full instructions on the safety aspects of playing polo, as well as how to handle the polo ponies.


Pilates is a body conditioning routine that helps build flexibility, muscle strength, endurance in the legs, abdominals, arms, hips, and back. It puts emphasis on spinal and pelvic alignment, breathing, and developing a strong core or centre, thus improving co-ordination and balance. The Pilates instructor allows for different exercises to be modified in a range of standards, from beginner to advanced. Intensity can be increased over time as the body conditions and adapts to the exercises.

Rounders, Softball and Cricket

In the Summer term there are recreational sports clubs for all the striking and fielding summer sports. Girls are given the opportunity to come with friends to hone their skills and improve their tactical understanding of the three sports.

*Spiceball Gym

Girls in the IVs to UVI have the opportunity to attend the multi-gym sessions aimed at 14 to 16 year olds at the local sports and leisure centre, Spiceball, in Banbury on a Saturday morning. The staff at the gym will ensure that each girl has a thorough induction and they will be given full instructions on the safe use of all the apparatus.

Stretch and Conditioning

Get supple, strong and stretch with this limbering, stretching and conditioning class. Tone up your body and do it the right way.


Each term there is a comprehensive swimming timetable with early birds from 7am, swimming at tea and swimming after supper. There are many opportunities for the girls to enjoy the water, improve their water confidence or get serious with some competitive swimming. Competitive galas against local schools
in the area are available for the swimming squad and individual training programmes can be set.


Alongside the opportunity to have paid tennis lessons all year round, there are numerous tennis clubs in the Summer term making full use of the 14 tennis courts at the school. There are specific clubs for each year group designed to improve individual skills, specific fitness for tennis as well as singles and doubles match play. All girls are encouraged to attend practice sessions and are given individual attention by the tennis coaches and PE staff.


The class is fun and fast-paced with funky music. It is a mix of Salsa dancing, cheerleading and street dance, created specifically for the girls to get a mix of everything. The girls have developed their own cheerleading routines with this class in previous terms.