Competitive Sport vs Active Leisure


At Tudor we are passionate in our role as educators in Sport and as such we feel it imperative that we offer a programme which caters for all of our girls. We recognise that traditional games have a fundamental role in providing the girls with the soft skills necessary to be successful in the modern world and therefore provide a competitive programme and fixture list that allows everyone to take part regardless of ability.

We also understand that not all girls enjoy traditional games activities and therefore have a range of sporting options which our girls can pursue to a level appropriate to them, whether skiing for the school team or taking part in a pilates session. We try to help the girls find their spark so sport becomes a habit, which in turn leads to lifelong involvement and improved health and physical well-being. 

Sport at Tudor is divided into three different categories:

Focus Sports

Hockey, netball and tennis, with extensive fixture lists for all abilities in every year. We currently field at least 3 teams at Under 12 to Under 15 and we have 4 senior sides in both hockey and netball. We have a number of specialist coaches in all three sports and we are able to offer options at performance and participation level. All our training sessions are well staffed which allows us to cater for the needs of all of the girls.

Competitive Sport

Lacrosse, cross country, swimming, athletics, cricket, equestrian, shooting, skiing. We compete against other schools but with a smaller number of selected girls who work with specialist coaches. Many of the girls who take part in our focus sports are also involved in these options which means it isn’t possible to have as many fixtures. We try to have at least 6 fixtures in each sport across the year (except for skiing).

Active Leisure

This includes all activities in which the girls participate for health benefits and personal enjoyment and not competition against other schools. We encourage the girls to take part in a wide range of activities, from rugby and badminton to circuit training and dancercise sessions to prepare them for the choices that will be available to them when they leave Tudor. It is our aspiration that as many girls as possible go on to lead a healthy and active life long after leaving our care.