Lifelong Fitness


Sport is for everyone and here at Tudor we understand that our role as physical educators is of extreme importance. We are fully aware that what we offer to the girls will become their platform to participation in sport when they leave us and we understand the magnitude of this job. A small percentage of our girls will go on to elite sport and represent nationally but for the majority we try to ensure that we produce girls who are confident in a range of activities, aware of their bodies, are physically fit, and who have the confidence to get involved in clubs and societies in later life. We pride ourselves on the significant number of our girls who go on to represent their university and continue to take part in sport long after they have left us at 18.

The benefits of being fit and healthy and taking part in regular exercise are well documented. Studies have proven that keeping active and taking part in regular sport aids concentration and performance in academic work. We understand how important it is for the girls to have time away from their academic work, whether having a swim, taking a dance class or playing in a hockey match. We offer a vast range to suit each and every girl.