Sport has been my passion since I can remember. Much of this comes from my parents who have introduced me to so many sports. Hockey is my first passion, I have played for Tudor, Wimbledon and Banbury Hockey Clubs at junior and senior level. In 2016 I was selected to play for my home county of Surrey, and in 2017 we were under 15 South of England Champions. I hope to go on to achieve much more with hockey over time. 

Closely following hockey are tennis, water-skiing and sailing. I slalom ski competitively and I am currently skiing at the fastest speed possible for my age group. I also sail and race in regattas. As well as playing tennis for Tudor I also play at a tennis club in London. The competitive instinct is ever present in me and Tudor makes every effort to help me with these, for which I’m very grateful. The one thing I would add is sport is for all to enjoy at any level, and I find my focus on sport only appears to add to my academic progress.